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Empowerment & Stylist Coach for Transgender & Parents

Helping You To Look

Good & Feel Great By Embracing Your Feminine Essence 



Is Your Child Transgender? 

Through empowerment coaching, I will help you to create and embrace:


You will gain the courage and confidence to be able to speak out to family and friends without hesitation


You will move from a sense of profound grief and loss to a newfound respect and appreciation for your child and their journey


You will learn to love and accept your child for WHO they are and celebrate them and their uniqueness, no matter what


Are you Feeling Empowered?

Through empowerment coaching and styling with me, you will:


So that you can step out fully with pride and power and integrate into society, both professionally and personally


Be confident in how to dress, find your signature style and claim your unique look so that you can light up any room you walk into


Learn the inside secrets to dress, walk, act and apply makeup correctly so that you can boldly own the new you

Empowerment Coaching For Parents Of Transgender Children

You want your child to be happy and to feel confident in their decision and who they are.

So there’s nothing worse than experiencing a complete sense of powerlessness when you see your child struggling with anxiety and depression. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, you’re also processing YOUR OWN emotions, thoughts and feelings as you navigate this confusing new path.

During this time, it is crucial, that you stay on top of and work your way through things properly so that you can fully support your child with understanding and acceptance as well as honour your own needs.

I know it can be a very lonely journey, where everything feels both overwhelming and daunting so this is why I created Empowerment Coaching for Parents of Transgenders so that you can stand tall and be proud of the incredible courage you and your child have.

Just some of the ways I can help you:

  • Become confident and empowered within yourself so that you can navigate this path with more ease and less struggle
  • Supporting the integration with your family, friends and day to day interactions so you don’t feel alone or second guess yourself
  • Managing your relationship with your child from a place of non judgement, compassion and empowerment

Empowerment Coaching For Transgender

It’s not a phase; it’s REAL – Having a gender identity outside of what you were assigned at birth is REAL!

Going through your transition journey is filled with so many emotions. Some emotions you can understand and most of them you won’t.

During this time, it may feel like life is totally overwhelming, leaving you feeling lost, confused and struggling. Perhaps you’re experiencing feelings of depression and anxiety or you may have lost your confidence because in a sense it may feel like you’ve lost YOU.

I understand. This is a lot to process as you face the big wide world.

So I’m here to coach and support you to grow into your own skin with confidence, so you can go from feeling anxious, depressed and withdrawn to being happy, engaged and truly living life to its fullest.

Because there is nothing better than stepping out into the world with confidence and being who you truly are, without apology.

Just some of the ways I can help you:

  • Feel empowered and change your thinking to positive thoughts that are uplifting and supportive
  • Be Proud and Confident as the fabulous, new YOU
  • Discover what works for YOU stylewise; your look, your unique style and what colours so that you know exactly what makes you pop and sparkle


What Are The Next Steps?

1. Schedule A Call
2. Get Your Empowerment Plan
3. Implement The Plan Together

About Me

 My friends say I am a whole lot of fun, energy and adventure. My clients say I am warm, compassionate and understanding. I seem to have a natural flare for inspiring people and putting them at ease just by being myself. I really love making people feel good about themselves.

Something I am most proud of is, I have always done my best to live life to its fullest.

I’ve travelled all over the world, trekked the Himalayas, sailed on the Indian Ocean, built a successful global business, worked in hospitality and have always been immersed in fashion since I was a young child through the influence of my mother. I’ve even been a co-driver in an international rally race – in which we won!

Those who know me best, know that I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty, from cleaning rooms and waiting tables to painting houses. I have a whatever it takes mentality to get things done and I love a good challenge.

The thing I am most passionate about is getting people accepting and loving their bodies.

My belief is that when you know how to align your unique style to your personality and authentic expression, then this is where the WOW factor kicks in (and it doesn’t have to cost the earth to do it!). You start shining. Your confidence increases. You feel comfortable in your own skin. You show up differently. Your whole life is impacted as a result.


Too often I’ve witnessed wonderful people getting stuck and feeling confused because they’ve only “fixed” one part of the challenge, which is to transform the physical aspect and yet forgotten to focus on the deeper, hidden aspect, the inner work; self love. Which means fully embracing all aspects of yourself and who you really are, including all your quirks and human flaws (we all have them!).

I understand the importance of this. It is crucial to be able to step forward in life feeling empowered because when you do the important inner work and align your fashion to your unique character and style, you will not believe the difference it will make.

You become totally transformed, radiating confidence from the inside out.

It is a powerful combination that will change your life for the better and as an Empowerment & Stylist Coach, I am here to help you to do just that.

I’m Helena McIntyre, aka Lady H and I look forward to being your guide on this journey of transformation and authentic self expression.

My Gift To You!

“What you think about yourself is going to dictate how you dress and show up in the world”  Helena McIntyre


What People Are Saying

“Everyone loved your presentation and raved about you when you left…your authenticity, your energy and humour.” – Helen

“Helena’s level of professionalism and attention to detail is beyond any mentor or coach I have had throughout not only my personal life but also within my working career.” – Dawn

I felt safe, relaxed and able to completely enjoy what was a very special, non-invasive treatment feeling the most relaxed I had in weeks.” – Kate

It actually feels great to feel positive and confident with what to wear now, rather than looking at heaps of clothes in the wardrobe and seeing nothing to wear.” – Jane

“Her no fuss authentic caring style made me feel comfortable and open to the invaluable insights that came. The simple tools and references I walked away with have created such ease in my life.” – Tarryn

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