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Frequently Asked

How does it work?

My sessions are held online or in-person weekly/fortnightly depending on what plan we create. In some cases online will be the only option if you live in a different city.

Together we set individual goals with achievable outcomes.

What is a Stylist?

A Stylist will assess your body, your personal and professional image, and your lifestyle.  We will work with you to design a wardrobe that fits all of your needs, we help you to be organised in a way that streamlines your day to day life. Oh, we also save you time and money.  

Simply put, we are here to help you develop and build your own style and make getting dressed each day fun and effortless. 

Can I afford to hire a stylist?

Prices vary and are based on your needs. The reason you come to a stylist is to save you money and believe me many clients wish they have come earlier.

It is an investment in yourself and the tools and knowledge you will learn will save you money and time. 

  • Learn how to NOT make mistake purchases you won’t wear and regret later
  • Know what works for you and what doesn’t
  • Know your style and where to shop
  • Learn how to mix and match, wear one dress in five different ways
How to become the feminine person you’ve always felt but have had to hide

Whatever stage you are at on your transition journey, we have a toolbox full of tips and tricks to share with you to create your feminine persona.

  • How to feel confident to step out in public or go to work dressed as your true self
  • Learn how to walk, act, apply makeup correctly
  • Feminine Movement – Body Language + Walking + Posture + Stance + Gestures + Facial Expressions + Eye Contact
  • Hair and makeup
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